Avoid These Common Interior Design Mistakes

We all make mistakes but some mistakes can actually have a bigger impact than others. However, this is a part of learning process so instead of being let down by it use them as your motivating force. If you are planning to get your house interior done then here are few mistakes you need to avoid making:

Going For Dark Colours

A common mistake many people make is that they go for a dark colour when getting the interior of their house done. A dark colour might look good only for a short period but after a point it will make your house look congested and much smaller. It would also attract more pests and mosquitos. So don’t make this mistake, always go for a light colour. You could indeed go for dark colour if it is colouring just one wall. When investing on the furniture you could go for dark colours as it is easier to maintain. However, a white furniture will always make your house look bright and clean.

Not Taking Enough Precautions

Sometimes we get so engrossed about making our house look beautiful that we often don’t take any precautions. For example you might opt for a light weight curtain as it looks much better, however it doesn’t help in keeping the sunlight in control. In such a situation it is advisable for you to invest on roman blinds this will make your house look good and at the same time will keep sunlight out. Another common mistake people make is that when they go for light wall paints they don’t go for a good brand. Keep in mind that white walls tend to get dirty really fast especially if you have little children. This is why don’t invest on a low quality paint instead go for a high quality one which makes it easier to wash and clean the walls. This can be expensive in the short run but in long term it saves a lot of money.

Forgetting the Outdoors

Most of the time people spend a lot of time on the interior of the house and forget to make few changes on the exterior of it. Your outlook of the house is equally or even more important as this is what attracts people from outside. So make sure you paint that too regularly and you could experiment on the paint colours here. It is advisable to go for dark colours as it is easier to maintain. You could also change your gate or change the colour of it. If you have a garden which is hard to maintain then you could rebuild it to a corridor. However, although garden is hard to maintain it truly makes your house look much better.

Another mistake people make is that they don’t have a theme when deciding an interior. Without a theme you won’t be able to shop and even if you do, you will end up buying things you don’t really need. So always have a theme, you don’t have to stick to one. Instead go for different themes and colour combinations for different areas of your house.

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