How the Disabled Have Become Increasingly Important To a Country’s Economy

The world as we know it has gone through a number of changes, ranging from technological to social changes. Topics that were considered taboo are now frequently spoken of in the open public. One of the more popular topics that have taken centre stage is the ability of the differently abled. Initially thought to be a group that is not useful, as they were deemed unproductive to society and the economy, now are considered major assets of a country’s economy. Here are just some of the reasons why such stereotypes have been abolished:

Different Thought Patterns

It has to be noted that there are physically disabled people and mentally disabled people. Being mentally disabled or physically disabled does not mean that the person is unproductive, but it could also mean that the person is much more productive than the general populace. In the case of being mentally disabled, there are people who have a better memory capacity than those of the general populace, as a result making the disability a desired trait for many businesses, due to the fact that many concepts, strategies and other business related things can be easily grasped by the individual. In the same way, being physically disabled also has certain special traits too, making them much more productive than the general individual. This has made the ‘disabled’ think in different ways to get around there drawbacks and work on their strengths, thus making for different and unique though patterns that could revolutionise an industry.

Ability to Be More Resilient

In line with the different though patterns they possess, comes the point of being resilient in the face of problems and other obstacles they face. This has made the disabled person think out of the box to overcome any disadvantage he/she has, making it one of the major traits they possess that could make an entire business thrive in the face of great adversity.

Acceptance by the Populace

As the topic of disability is increasingly spoken throughout society, the myths and other dogmas associated with it have been eradicated, making the general populace accept the ‘disabled’ as ordinary human beings. As a result, this thought has even transcended to the sphere of economics too, as many businesses have special programs that enable these groups to live ordinary lives. It may not be physically seen, however, one thing that shows the acceptance of the disabled is by looking at the way buildings and structures are made. Many buildings in the contemporary period often have handrails for the disabled fitted, in order to create access to all the people.


Another important thing the disable show us is just how well they can inspire people to come out of adversity. This is often transcended in the economic world too, since the economic world is stricken with booms and busts that could leave a country well off, or completely in tatters. The disabled show us ways to deal with problems with their stories, making the general people inspired to tackle obstacles in the most efficient manner.

In other words, a disability can sometimes mean to be a superhero ability for a country’s economy to rise up from adversity and turmoil.

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