Things To Know About New Home Phase Inspection

Building a new home is an overwhelming task especially if it’s still your first time. Aside from planning the building layout, you also have to keep track to ensure that the entire construction process goes well.

What Are New Home Phase Inspections?

Also known as new home stage inspections, it refers to the area survey conducted during every phase of construction to keep track of the progress and deal with minor changes or upgrades before the building is finished. This service is conducted by third party companies that specialize in building and property inspections. Hiring a professional inspection service saves you from this stressful task. Solid Start Property Inspections are the only ones you need when you want reliable and fast new home phase inspections. Increase your new home’s value with the help of the experts.

The Process Of Phase Inspection

A new home stage inspection usually has 3 parts to ensure that no defects are covered up during the process.

  • Pre-pour inspection – This is the first phase of the inspection. It is conducted by inspectors before the concrete is poured on the foundation.
  • Framing inspection – An inspection is done before the walls are installed.
  • Final inspection – This inspection is done after construction when the house is finally complete. The inspectors may go with you on your initial walkthrough to check for defects.

Pre-Pour Inspection

This step focuses on the house foundation. Improper installation of the foundation greatly impacts the quality and integrity of a building. Even minor defects also affect the strength of the foundation, compromising the safety of your family. A thorough foundation check can only be done once; it is before the builders pour the cement.

Home builders have a layout of their construction plan and they know when they are going to do pouring. Coordinate with them so you can plan the inspection days ahead before they start. Give your inspectors and builders ample time to address defects and conduct a follow-up inspection to be assured that no issues are overlooked.

Framing Inspection

This inspection focuses on the interior frames of the building. This is done after the roof and exterior walls and windows have been installed. Interior walls and insulation will cover the most essential features of a house such as electrical wirings and the frame. The best time to check them is before the interior sheetrock and insulation are installed. Most defects in these areas can go on for years undetected so you’ll really need to do a thorough inspection of this one.

Final Inspection

A full house inspection is done on this phase, making it the most time-consuming part. Some inspectors suggest a full check days before your initial walk through. Others prefer to do it together with your walk through so you can discuss the possible defects and issues with each other. This is done only when the building is already complete so all the systems can be checked if they’re working properly.

Having a thorough new home stage inspection will free your mind from worrying about damages and minor defects on your newly completed building. You can also be assured to live with peace of mind on your fresh home.

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